International Trade Solicitors


International Trade Solicitors

As the world becomes increasingly globalised, our clients are operating in international markets and require legal advice on overseas trading networks. The law regarding international trading can be complex involving a range of factors such as employment law, international financial arrangements or even corporate structures.

Our specialist international trade solicitors can provide expert advice into this area of law to make sure your business is protected. Our expert knowledge of legislation in international trade can help your business navigate through complex cross-border challenges.

Some of the key areas we can support include:

  • Acquiring UK companies
  • Entering new markets abroad
  • UK market entry
  • Employment law
  • International financial structures
  • International corporate and tax structures
  • Trading terms, exporting and importing (including tariffs)
  • Customs classification

In light of recent Brexit news, our solicitors can also advise on the UK law as it separates from the EU over the next few years. We can keep your business ahead of the changes in restrictions, tariffs and regulations. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients to make sure we are always on hand to safeguard your business.

We can help provide legal advice to meet your commercial goals whilst also protecting your business as you enter new markets. This includes abiding by international trade law when importing and exporting goods or services abroad. This could also include advising on the optimum international financial and corporate structures to protect your business interests.

Get in touch with our experienced team of international trade solicitors by calling 020 8767 5005 so we can help you make the most of global opportunities in your sector.

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International Trade Solicitors