Southall Immigration Solicitors

Southall Immigration Solicitors

Are you looking for a specialist immigration solicitor in the Southall Area? Here at Thompson & Co we have solicitors who cover the Southall area who are here to assist you with all your immigration matters.

The world of immigration law is vast, and it is impossible to list all the related matters we assist with, below are a few of the more common areas we are asked to handle:

    • Asylum applications
    • Asylum appeals
    • Passport applications
    • UK citizenship applications
    • Marriage applications
    • Visa applications under the points-based system
    • Visa applications
  • Visa appeals

We know this area of law can seem confusing, so our solicitors will be sure to explain to you in detail exactly what your case involves, using plain English not legal terminology. We will also ensure you are kept up to date with the progress of your case every step of the way, because we know just how important these issues are to you.

Whether you wish to challenge an asylum appeal, apply for a British passport or apply for UK citizenship our specialists have the expertise to help.

It is our goal that not only is your case resolved in such a way that it is fully compliant with UK law, but also that wherever possible, results in a positive outcome for you and your family.

Our lawyers know that these issues affect the very fabric of your life, so you will find them to be sensitive, professional, and respectful throughout.

Whatever your query, contact our immigration solicitors today to discuss your needs and requirements in more detail. You can speak to us directly on 020 8767 5005.