Southall Family Solicitors

Southall Family Solicitors

From our offices in Southall our experienced family and divorce solicitors are able to provide our clients with comprehensive family and divorce advice whether they are in the general location of our office or elsewhere throughout London.

In order to discuss pricing or an individual family law matter you are more than welcome to visit our offices to speak to a divorce solicitor and get a better understanding of the process and understand the timeframe, process and the costs.

From a family law perspective we are able to assist with the following;

  • Divorce
  • Contact agreements
  • Domestic violence
  • Financial Settlements
  • Grandparents rights
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Mediation between parties
  • Property rights and access

Our Southall family lawyers appreciate this can be a highly charged and emotional time for all concerned. We see our role as giving support and advice in a manner that takes the heat out of the process whilst you transition to a new period in your life.

From a costs perspective we will discuss our fees and talk through the process over the phone, or face to face, before you decide to proceed. It is our intention that you understand every aspect of your divorce or family law matter prior to committing yourself.

Whatever your query our family law and divorce team will be on call to assist. In the first instance please call the Southall team on 020 8767 5005 to discuss your family law or divorce requirements.

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