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BA steward sues after being ‘run over’ by drinks trolley

A court has heard that a British Airways flight attendant is suing the airline for up to £50,000 after he was injured by a runaway drinks trolley.

52-year-old James Searcy was knocked over on a flight almost five years ago when the trolley, which was being pushed by a colleague, went over stray luggage in the aisle. That led to the trolley becoming unstable and the brakes to “fail”. James got stuck under the trolley, before going over backward, suffering injuries to his knees, buttock, ankle, and shoulder.

Mr. Searcy, of Ealing, west London, says he has been left with ongoing problems which have affected his ability to work. He is now suing British Airways PLC claiming compensation of up to £50,000. Mr. Searcy’s lawyers claim that he has been left with a legacy of numerous injuries, including shoulder problems that have required surgery. They also say in court papers that the airline has admitted liability for Mr. Searcy’s accident through their insurers via an email on June 20, 2019, guaranteeing him a pay-out.

Central London County Court heard that Mr. Searcy was working as a cabin crew on a BA flight from Munich to Heathrow on Sept 28, 2017, when the accident happened. In papers lodged with the court, his lawyers stated: “The claimant was pulling the onboard trolley with his back to the passengers whilst his colleague was pushing the trolley.

He noticed an obstacle in the aisle and motioned to his colleague to stop the trolley and attempted to stop the movement of the trolley himself by applying the brake so that the obstacle could be moved with his right foot. However, the brake failed, and the trolley continued moving. His right leg became trapped in the trolley brake compartment, and he fell backward, landing on his left-hand side.”

Unless the case is settled out of court beforehand, the case will now go forward to a trial to decide the level of damages Mr. Searcy will be awarded.