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Spurned job-hunter brought forty-one claims against employers

A man recognised as a serial time waster was found to have accused over forty companies of race and disability discrimination, when failing interviews to secure employment.

David Taheri, 62, seemingly weaponized his Iranian ethnicity and Prostate Cancer diagnosis to pressure firms to pay hundreds of pounds in settlements when he was turned down for employment. He has since been forbidden from launching new claims after the Attorney General intervened.

Mr Taheri took a specific employer to a tribunal and harassed the company’s lawyer after not securing a job with them as a chef in 2012. He pressured the company to such an extent that it led them to file a restraining order, landing him in jail for 28 days for harassment.

It is believed Mr Taheri would seek damages up to £50,000 at a time. When his prospective employers refused his claim, he would escalate matters by threatening to publicly “out” them for discrimination, a tribunal heard.

The job hunter would frequently generate one discrimination claim a month. Furthermore, the individual lodged three claims in a day, in February 2018. His “vexatious” campaigns forced the Attorney General to step in and bring a case against him at the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT).

A hearing in London heard how Mr Taheri made forty-one unsuccessful race and disability discrimination claims between 2012 and 2020. The tribunal’s president, The Hon Mrs Justice Eady, imposed restrictions on Mr Taheri banning him from making further claims.