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Wife must name lover who fathered her son, High Court rules

A woman who had an affair has been ordered to tell her son who his biological father is, the High Court has ruled.

The case was taken to the High Court in London after her husband sued her when he discovered that the child was not his son.

Initially the man sued his wife for “every penny” he spent on the child he believed to be his son. He later decided, at a hearing in June, that he no longer wanted to reclaim the money spent and he would continue to father the eight-year-old boy.

The case at the Family Division of the High Court was then focused on whether the child should be told who his real father is. The man argued that the boy should know his father’s identity however his estranged wife disputed this.

The Judge hearing the case, Mr Justice Cohen, ruled that the child should be informed. He added that “too many people knew” for it to be kept a secret from the eight-year-old.

However, it was also noted that the child should only be told when the “time was right” and that should be decided by a social worker.

The Judge also added that the child should be able to decide if and when he wanted to know who his real father was. It would also be at this point that the husband would be told. However it was made clear that the husband would not be allowed to reveal the father’s identity publicly.

The biological father has since denied these allegations and argued that there is “no iota of truth whatsoever” in the accusations.

No-one involved has been named in the media however details of the case emerged earlier this year when the judge published an earlier ruling.