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EU Nationals at Risk of Losing Their Status after Brexit, Report Warns

Thousands of EU nationals could be at risk of losing their status following Brexit, a new report has warned.

Experts say that victims of domestic abuse, children and the elderly are among those who may lose their right to remain in Britain despite meeting the required criteria to stay.

This could be because they struggle to provide up-to-date documentation, or because they do not realise that they need to apply to continue living in the UK legally.

The issue was highlighted in a paper issued by the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford. Its director Madeleine Sumption said that many individuals simply won’t realise that they need to apply.

A Home Office spokesman said:

“We are well aware of the challenges of ensuring that three million EU citizens and their family members living here understand the need to apply and have the ability to.

“That is why we have already launched a national awareness campaign, are holding monthly meetings with EU citizens’ representatives to understand their needs and are planning a range of support for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children and families, victims of domestic violence and those with English as a second language.”

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